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I’m Gary Levine and I’m a Certified Public Accountant with more than 25 years of experience providing accounting and financial services to individuals and both small and large corporations including Nabisco, Pfizer and Centex Homes.. I’m a husband, a father of two college-aged children, a homeowner, and a business owner. In other words - I am just like you...

I have all the same concerns you have about your money and your future.

i believe

My passion is bringing this world-class financial expertise into your household or business so that you can be more confident about your money and the decisions you make with it. I do this by providing a totally customized plan based on each individual client’s needs. While I provide a variety of one-time services such as tax preparation or annual profit and loss statements, I bring a comprehensive perspective to everything I do, because no financial decision is made in a vacuum. And because your financial position and security is paramount, I never charge you for more time than you are quoted or than I actually spend on your account.

I provide my services at a reasonable rate by eliminating overhead so you can receive the same level of expertise for a fraction of the price.

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my qualifications

I’m also a member of the American Institute of CPA’s, Virginia Society of CPA’s, Financial Executive Institute, and am a Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor with a BS in Accounting and an MBA from Virginia Commonwealth University.